Weight Loss

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A healthy way to diet and lose weight quickly

Dieting isnt a one man or one woman journey. Its hard to continue feeling motivated to lose weight when fad diets and other quick fixes havent worked. Weve provided you with the information and support you need so you never feel like youre the only one struggling. Weve also given you information about dieting medications that can help when other options arent working.

You deserve the best treatment, and that includes getting all your question answered. Whether your overweight or obese, The Weight Loss Information Center has information to help you become healthier, happier, and more confident in your weight loss.

Were here to help you not only lose weight, but also keep it off.

Exercise and Dieting Benefits

Everyone has heard about how essential exercise is when trying to diet. Its the much touted solution to your problems? Eat less and exercise more. But what are the specific benefits? What do you get out of exercising more other than a smaller waist line? Exercise has a host of benefits from less stress to better sleep. There are many psychological and physiological effects of increased exercise and how it helps you live a fuller, happier life.

Gastric bypass or band surgery negatives

For many obese patients, weight loss surgery can look like the magical bullet that will finally slay the beast theyve been struggling with for years, sometimes their entire lives. Many of us know someone who has lost incredible amounts of weight after gastric bypass or band surgery. However, this life changing treatment is not without its risks. Here we discuss some of the more dangerous consequences of weight loss surgery, including possible anemia and hypoglycemia. We also go over how likely it is that weight loss surgery is a permanent solution to weight problems.

Crash dieting negatives

Weve all read or heard about the problems with crash diets? The weight doesnt stay off and eating cabbage soup or the like for weeks is incredibly challenging, not to mention unpleasant. What many of us dont realize is that crash dieting can have much longer term consequences than just regaining the weight you lost. From drops in leptin levels that end up increasing the amount of fat your body wants to store, to vitamin deficiencies and loss of bone mass, there are a host of consequences many of us never consider when starting a crash diet. Here we explain them and give you a little more incentive to lose weight in a healthy fashion.

Vitamins and dieting supplements

Have you ever sat for hours, looking over the nutritional information of the foods youve eaten that day, only to give up in despair, head to the drug store and buy the first likely looking supplement on the shelf? Its only too common a story. You hear horror stories about how not getting enough of some all-important nutrient will ruin your hair, your weight, or your life. Here we take a close look at the complicated world of vitamins and supplements. We examine the health benefits and possible negatives as well as discuss who should talk to their doctor about taking a supplement.

Dieting to lower cholesterol

We all know that high cholesterol is a bad thing, but its often difficult to figure out what to do about it. There are so many options out there and so many rumors that have little validation. Its difficult to know which cholesterol youre supposed to want lots of and which type you want to eliminate. Its also challenging to know how to raise that good cholesterol and get rid of the bad. Weve prepared a list of some of the best ways to do both. Including things like olive oil? A great tasting way to lower your bad cholesterol but keep your good cholesterol levels intact, and the types of fats to avoid? Trans fats, this list provides a comprehensive look at what exactly you can do about your cholesterol levels.

Losing unwanted pounds can be a daunting task even under the most ideal conditions. Because there are so many elements in a personís life that they cannot control, people often need to turn to a medical professional for help.

Prescription medications can help people make a successful transformation from overweight to healthy. Nothing happens over night and there are no miracle treatments. But with the addition of a light exercise program, a low-calorie diet, and if you include one of the weight loss products offered here, you will have the opportunity to generate a tremendous difference in your measurable results.