Sensual Lubricant

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Stimula for Women

Stimula For Women is designed to help increase sexual sensitivity and work as a highly effective lubricant. Stimula for Women is a wate...

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Stimula for Men

Stimula for Men is designed to increase male sexual stamina and work as a highly effective lubricant. Stimula for Men is a water-based,...


Individual personal sex lubricants are especially helpful for intercourse when your sex partner encounters dryness or unnecessary discomfort (snugness) of the vagina or anal region. Anal sex for the most part requires more liberal application of water based lube since the area does not have natural oil sufficient for most sexual action.

An individual personal waterbased sex oil can be utilized to build delight and decrease agony amid sex or different exercises and may be utilized for greasing up the penis, vagina, butt or dildo or other sex toy before or amid movement. Ointment may be connected to anyone part fancied, to within and/or outside of condoms, or to the hands or fingers.